PARK Restaurant & Bar (Cambridge)

PARK Restaurant and Bar PARK Restaurant & Bar is the newest member of the esteemed Grafton Group restaurant family which consists of the nearby Russell House Tavern, Grafton Street Pub, and Temple Bar. Located on JFK St. in bustling Harvard Square, PARK’s vibe is the neighborhood bar and restaurant of today, offering new interpretations of classic American fare with interesting libations.

Being fans of the other restaurants in the Grafton Group family, we were excited to try the confit chicken wings with sambal and honey glaze on PARK’s menu. We’ve never seen sambal, a spicy Indonesian condiment made up primarily of red chilies, fish sauce, and garlic, used on chicken wings before.

The unique wings arrived to our table and we couldn’t help but savor the delicious Asian flavors that danced on our tongue with each bite. The wings were crispy, salty, spicy and sweet all at the same time, with just enough heat to make the back of your mouth tingle.

With the ever perennial favorite BonChon so close by, you might not go out of your way for the wings at PARK, but should you find yourself there enjoying a cocktail with a group of friends, do us a favor and order the wings. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 3.5/5 cocks




Joe Sent Me (Waltham)

I don’t know who Joe is, but he sent me to his restaurant in search of delicious wings and to play Stump trivia. We found trivia, but did we find delicious chicken wings?

The four different wing options at Joe Sent Me on Main St. in Waltham are BBQ, Teriyaki, Buffalo, and the hot and spicy Diablo.  Went with the BBQ flavor at the suggestion of the perky waitress, and they came served with a side of  carrots and celery and blue cheese dressing.

Flavor: The wings are fried and smothered in a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce that had hints of smoke and vinegar in it. For the most part, they were moist and tender, however we had one or two wings that were a bit more dry than we’d like. Overall, the wings were flavorful and the sauce was lip smackin’ delicious.

Size/Looks: For the most part, all the wings were uniform in size save for one or two smaller ones, which turned out to be more dry than the others. The wings were very appealing to look at, as the sticky, dark BBQ glaze shown like candy in the dim light.

Value: At $7.95 for 10,  and $14.95 for a belly-busting 25, these wings are an excellent value. The service was also quite good, as we always had full beers and a clean table.

Overall: These wings represented a good value, flavored with a nice, tangy BBQ sauce. While above average, they were not out of this world and could have been more consistently moist than they were.

Final Score: 7/10