Fibber McGee’s Bar and Grill (Beverly)

ImageFibber McGee’s Bar and Grill in downtown Beverly is a local Irish themed watering hole known far and wide for night wing Tuesdays, and with 10 different wing flavors on the menu, you know they’re serious about their chicken wings.

After hemming and hawing over which flavor to order (Carolina gold, or maybe kamikaze — or what’s that PB&J flavor taste like?), we settled on the Kansas City BBQ — and a pile of wings coated in that thick, sweet, smoky sauce were on its way to our table.

The wings, served with the typical carrots and celery with blue cheese for dipping, were tender, and the sauce lip smacking delicious – but we couldn’t help but notice that the meat itself wasn’t all that flavorful or juicy. Overall we thought the Kansas City BBQ flavored wings from Fibber McGee’s were good, but failed to earn that elusive five-cock rating.


Rating: 3/5




Bon Chon (Cambridge)

As we rode the Red Line back from a successful wing experience at Silvertone, a little birdie came out of nowhere and uttered these words: BonChon. BonChon has your standard Korean cuisine, but are known for their Korean fried chicken (or KFC!). BonChon chicken comes in two flavors – soy garlic or hot. For reviewing purposes, we decided to spice things up by ordering a boxed combination of hot wings and drumsticks.BonChon

The first thing that sticks out when you bite into the wings is the perfectly crispy exterior. Next, you will be hit with a deliciously sweet flavor, followed by a generous kick of spice. If you can’t handle spice, we recommended trying soy garlic. Our one gripe is that due to the various sized wings, we experienced a few where the meat was somewhat dry, but still very good nonetheless.

Bottom line is that for those of you that haven’t already consumed this world famous fried chicken, you should do so immediately.

Rating: 4/5










Foundry on Elm (Somerville)

FoundryFoundry on Elm is a popular spot located on Elm Street in the heart of Davis Square, Somerville. The bar touts itself as a mix between a French brasserie and an American pub.  With its long list of quality draft beers, interesting cocktails and scratch made food items, Foundry on Elm successfully packs in the twentysomethings of Somerville night after night.

An encouraging thumbs up from our server was all it took for us to decide on the Orange Crush wings –grilled wings topped with a soy-orange soda sauce and charred scallions.

The experience of Foundry’s Orange Crush chicken wings reminds me of a time at a different establishment when I poured a glass of water from a nearby pitcher only for the waiter to come by and ask “Do you want to start off with some water?”

“Uh, okay,” I said.

What I wanted were delicious chicken wings, but instead, wings smothered in a watery sauce that can only be described as “off” tasting were delivered to the table. The soy-orange soda sauce, delicious in theory, tasted like someone swirled Tang into Home’s Best Orange Cola. The strong, electric orange flavor sent us into a tizzy; even the wings themselves were of different sizes, making for an uneven cooking process – some were tender while others well on their way to being small weapons of mass destruction.

With the countless better wing options in the area (think On The Hill Tavern and Joe Sent Me) and even the other options at Foundry itself (the devils on horseback are a must try), we can’t in good faith recommend the Orange Crush wings at Foundry to our friends. Sorry folks, maybe next time. 


Rating: 1/5





The Silvertone Bar & Grill (Downtown)

Rochester WingsThe Silvertone Bar & Grill is a hidden gem located in a retro-cool subterranean space on Bromfield Street near Downtown Crossing.  The restaurant is known for its sumptuous comfort classics such as bacon macaroni and cheese and meatloaf with mashed potatoes.

On the menu, The Silvertone lists only two chicken wing flavors; Buffalo and Rochester, exploiting what is perhaps the most storied, yet unknown chicken wing rivalry known to man. The ever popular Buffalo flavor paired up against the underdog and fellow New York state rival the Rochester wing.

The Rochester sauced chicken wings at The Silvertone are perhaps some of the best we’ve ever had. The large, meaty and tender wings are sauced liberally in the tangy, salty, and sweet Rochester sauce invoking that 5th flavor umami to our chicken wing loving palates.  To top off the experience, the large portion of house-made blue cheese sauce served alongside tastes absolutely divine on the wing, on a stick of celery, or the tip of your finger.

We highly recommend stopping by The Silvertone Bar & Grill for a meal or late night wings and drinks, you certainly won’t leave hungry or disappointed.

Rating: 5/5



New Golden Gate (Chinatown)

As it was recently Chinese New Year, it was only appropriate for us to hit up one of our favorite spots in Chinatown for some late night. New Golden Gate is a no frills Chinese restaurant with endless menu options from your typical General Tso’s chicken to the more obscure fried pork intestines (we don’t just eat wings!). However for this review, we will stick with what we know best; this week, it’s the Chinese chicken wing.

New Golden Gate

For those of you who are unfamiliar with traditional Chinese chicken wings, they are as plain (and fried) as wings can get and these wings were no different.

Overall, the flavor was lacking and nothing to write home about. On the bright side, the wings had decent size and the meat was relatively fresh. However, at the end of the day, we would recommend trying other items on the menu if you ever end up stumbling into Chinatown at 2am on a Saturday night.

Rating: 2/5



On The Hill Tavern (Somerville)

Located on Broadway in Magoun Sq. Somerville, On The Hill Tavern is an unassuming sports bar with arcade games, big TVs, and a dynamite selection of chicken wings. It’s a no-frills place to come after a long day to relax, drink some beer, watch the game, and enjoy killer chicken wings.Image

When you come to On The Hill, you have no choice but to get the wing and pitcher special. It’d be like going to the Vatican without saying hey to the Pope. You get a pitcher of beer and a large order of the wings of your choice for only $20.

Men of Wings can’t say enough about the delicious Bourbon sauced chicken wings at On The Hill. They’re deliciously fried wings, coated in a tangy, sweet, vinegary Bourbon sauce and then fired on the grill until they’re crispy and delicious. The meat is moist and tender on the inside while the skin stays nice and crisp on the outside. We’ve consistently had some of the best chicken wings at Tavern, so choose your favorite sauce and be prepared to have some of the best chicken wings we’ve been able to find anywhere.

Rating: 5/5


Kowloon (Saugus)

The 1200-seat premier Asian dining complex known as the Kowloon Restaurant on Rt. 1 in Saugus is one of the largest, highest grossing Asian restaurants in the United States. Since opening in 1959, the Wong family has built their empire from a 24 seat Chinese restaurant into the kitschy, extravagant landmark that it is today.

The walls are lined with decades’ worth of autographed photos of visiting celebrities and the menu reads like a phone book, with page after page of Polynesian, Thai, Japanese, Szechuan and Cantonese fare from which to choose.

But there’s one item on the menu that interested us most, an item that pays homage to the town where Kowloon has called home for over 50 years: the Kowloon Special Saugus Wing.

Saugus Wings are known far and wide as being some of the most delicious Asian-style wings available today- so naturally we had to stop by to see for ourselves.

Flavor: Kowloon’s Saugus Wings are very liberally doused in a dark, thick, sweet, soy based sauce with large chunks of garlic visible on each wing. Forget that slogan from KFC – the Saugus Wings are the original finger lickin’ good wings – as they effortlessly blend sweet and savory flavors into each blissful bite.

Size/Texture: The wings were medium to large in size, and were cooked perfectly. They had a delicious crispy skin on the outside and tender, juicy meat on the inside.

Value: An order of Saugus Wings costs a paltry $8.75 for 10 deliciously addictive wings. We think this is a great deal considering their flavor, quality, and overall eatability factor. You really cannot find a better wing at this price point.

Overall: We very much recommend Saugus Wings for anyone who loves sweet, Asian style chicken wings. The garlic-packed sticky sauce truly turns these wings into a flavor heaven that you must experience. As far as Asian chicken wings go, these are some of the best we’ve ever had.

Final Score: 9/10