Month: October 2015

The Times (Financial District)

TheTimesThe Times Irish Pub, located in Boston’s Financial District, is an Irish-style pub overlooking the Rose Kennedy Greenway on Broad Street. Its menu is a mix of favorites plucked from cuisines from around the world and its lively and energetic nightlife scene solidifies The Times as a solid, go-to spot for whatever fun you might be looking for.

On the menu are several different chicken wing choices, so we spun our bejeweled chicken wing randomizer and landed on the seemingly savory, taste bud pounding, salvia-inducing honey chipotle glazed wings.

The wings came serve with the requisite blue cheese dressing with carrots and celery, though, they weren’t needed as the wings tasted more of honey than chipotle. The wings were cooked well, if almost too well, as the outside had a satisfying crisp while the inside didn’t retain as much moisture as we normally like. We like crispy and juicy wings, folks!

3.5/5 cocks