Night Market (Harvard Square)

Night MarketNight Market is a bright and lively underground den that serves playful takes on Taiwanese-style street fare in small, sharable dishes. With menu choices varying from the exotic (grilled chicken hearts in a scallion brown butter sauce) to the more familiar (crispy pan-fried pork gyoza), we knew we the enticing sounding chicken wings were inevitably going to end up on our plates before the night was over. 

The choice was simple: fried chicken wings, served either in a “num-num style” with Sichuan spice, or tebasaki — a traditional Japanese-style seasoning. We ordered the tebasaki style wings, which came served with crunchy kimchi — no gooey blue cheese dressing to be found here.

With each bite, the tender, juicy wings smacked our tastebuds into oblivion and married perfectly with the sweet, salty garlic tebasaki glaze.  Perhaps they could have had more sauce on them, perhaps there could have been more wings on the plate. But perhaps we just enjoyed them too much.

Rating: 4/5



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