Month: July 2015

Roast (Downtown Detroit)

RoastWings 2If pigs could fly and were gifted with delicate little porky wings, they would probably taste like the Smoked Chicken Wings from Chef Michael Symon’s Detroit-based restaurant Roast.

The flavor of these wings was on point—the tender chicken meat had that complex flavor that can only be achieved from putting in some serious time in a smoker. They weren’t the juiciest wings we’ve ever had, but they made up for in tenderness. The meat on the wings fell off the bone, in the truest sense of the saying. We barely touched our fork to the wing when all of the meat fell from the bone (ALL. OF. IT. AT. ONCE.).  It was almost too easy. It felt a little pornographic, if we’re being honest.

In terms of the sauce, Roast’s wings were dressed in a tangy and almost fruity Bourbon BBQ sauce that added the moisture and zip these wings needed. There was a little bit of spice to the sauce that stuck with us for a bit, but the heat did not overstay its welcome.

The wings were served with a glass (?) of coleslaw that was equally well-seasoned, creamy and delicious. With 10 nicely sized wings total, we felt our wing craving was satiated by the end of the meal.

Overall, if you’re in the Detroit area and happen to be near the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel, we recommend you stop by Roast and try the wings. Much like the city of Detroit, they might not be what you’re expecting, but they’re definitely what you need.

Rating: 4/5



Night Market (Harvard Square)

Night MarketNight Market is a bright and lively underground den that serves playful takes on Taiwanese-style street fare in small, sharable dishes. With menu choices varying from the exotic (grilled chicken hearts in a scallion brown butter sauce) to the more familiar (crispy pan-fried pork gyoza), we knew we the enticing sounding chicken wings were inevitably going to end up on our plates before the night was over. 

The choice was simple: fried chicken wings, served either in a “num-num style” with Sichuan spice, or tebasaki — a traditional Japanese-style seasoning. We ordered the tebasaki style wings, which came served with crunchy kimchi — no gooey blue cheese dressing to be found here.

With each bite, the tender, juicy wings smacked our tastebuds into oblivion and married perfectly with the sweet, salty garlic tebasaki glaze.  Perhaps they could have had more sauce on them, perhaps there could have been more wings on the plate. But perhaps we just enjoyed them too much.

Rating: 4/5