Bon Chon (Cambridge)

As we rode the Red Line back from a successful wing experience at Silvertone, a little birdie came out of nowhere and uttered these words: BonChon. BonChon has your standard Korean cuisine, but are known for their Korean fried chicken (or KFC!). BonChon chicken comes in two flavors – soy garlic or hot. For reviewing purposes, we decided to spice things up by ordering a boxed combination of hot wings and drumsticks.BonChon

The first thing that sticks out when you bite into the wings is the perfectly crispy exterior. Next, you will be hit with a deliciously sweet flavor, followed by a generous kick of spice. If you can’t handle spice, we recommended trying soy garlic. Our one gripe is that due to the various sized wings, we experienced a few where the meat was somewhat dry, but still very good nonetheless.

Bottom line is that for those of you that haven’t already consumed this world famous fried chicken, you should do so immediately.

Rating: 4/5











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