Month: March 2014

Foundry on Elm (Somerville)

FoundryFoundry on Elm is a popular spot located on Elm Street in the heart of Davis Square, Somerville. The bar touts itself as a mix between a French brasserie and an American pub.  With its long list of quality draft beers, interesting cocktails and scratch made food items, Foundry on Elm successfully packs in the twentysomethings of Somerville night after night.

An encouraging thumbs up from our server was all it took for us to decide on the Orange Crush wings –grilled wings topped with a soy-orange soda sauce and charred scallions.

The experience of Foundry’s Orange Crush chicken wings reminds me of a time at a different establishment when I poured a glass of water from a nearby pitcher only for the waiter to come by and ask “Do you want to start off with some water?”

“Uh, okay,” I said.

What I wanted were delicious chicken wings, but instead, wings smothered in a watery sauce that can only be described as “off” tasting were delivered to the table. The soy-orange soda sauce, delicious in theory, tasted like someone swirled Tang into Home’s Best Orange Cola. The strong, electric orange flavor sent us into a tizzy; even the wings themselves were of different sizes, making for an uneven cooking process – some were tender while others well on their way to being small weapons of mass destruction.

With the countless better wing options in the area (think On The Hill Tavern and Joe Sent Me) and even the other options at Foundry itself (the devils on horseback are a must try), we can’t in good faith recommend the Orange Crush wings at Foundry to our friends. Sorry folks, maybe next time. 


Rating: 1/5