On The Hill Tavern (Somerville)

Located on Broadway in Magoun Sq. Somerville, On The Hill Tavern is an unassuming sports bar with arcade games, big TVs, and a dynamite selection of chicken wings. It’s a no-frills place to come after a long day to relax, drink some beer, watch the game, and enjoy killer chicken wings.Image

When you come to On The Hill, you have no choice but to get the wing and pitcher special. It’d be like going to the Vatican without saying hey to the Pope. You get a pitcher of beer and a large order of the wings of your choice for only $20.

Men of Wings can’t say enough about the delicious Bourbon sauced chicken wings at On The Hill. They’re deliciously fried wings, coated in a tangy, sweet, vinegary Bourbon sauce and then fired on the grill until they’re crispy and delicious. The meat is moist and tender on the inside while the skin stays nice and crisp on the outside. We’ve consistently had some of the best chicken wings at Tavern, so choose your favorite sauce and be prepared to have some of the best chicken wings we’ve been able to find anywhere.

Rating: 5/5



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