Kings (Back Bay)

Hey folks, after a short hiatus, we’re finally back! Sorry for the delay. Anyways, let’s get to it.

It is a well known fact that wings are one of the most versatile foods in the world. You can eat wings for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, afternoon snack, midnight snack…we could go on. Besides from the fact that you can eat wings anytime and anywhere, wings complement all aspects of life. A few popular wing combinations include: wings and pizza, wings and beer, wings and football. Wings and…karaoke? Hell yeah.

So naturally, we hit up Kings on a Saturday, where for one night, American Idol wannabes can perform in front of random strangers that don’t care if you think you can sing. If singing is not your thing or if your ears start to bleed, Kings also offers bowling and billiards. We decided to stick to the entertainment for the night and of course, ordered honey BBQ wings on the side.

Flavor: Based on appearance, these look phenomenal and after the first few wings, they did not disappoint. The honey BBQ sauce had a great balance between the sweet honey and BBQ flavor with a sticky texture that you wouldn’t mind licking off your fingers.

Size/Texture: These wings were a medium size and felt solid in our hands as we ate them. Kings actually does something quite unique where they will remove the smaller of the two bones of the wingettes and they end up looking very similar to drummettes (look carefully). This was a nice touch as it made it a little bit easier to eat the wings without making a huge mess. Texture-wise, the skin was crispy and the inside was adequately moist and tender.

Value: A small order which contains 8 wings is $9 flat. There is a slight discount for larger orders (negligible). Nonetheless, for the quality of wing that you are getting, this is not a bad deal at all. They even throw in a few carrot sticks and scallions, which are nice touch.

Overall: We highly recommended you enhance your Kings experience by complementing karaoke with these sweet and delicious wings, but maybe not for bowling (who’s fingers have been in those balls? yikes).

Final Score: 8.5/10

– CT



  1. I know some people that would argue that one of their favorite parts of the wing to crunch on is that cartilaginous part near the joints. It looks like Kings removes that part from the wings. Is that true? Would you still recommend these wings to people who like a fuller wing?

    1. While it is true that Kings removes some parts of the wingette, only one end is really affected. In addition, the drummettes remain the same. Therefore, we feel as though there were still plenty of chewy and crunchy wing parts to go around and would still recommend these to anyone looking for solid wings (and a good time).

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