Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill Seaport (Seaport District)

Home to popular restaurants, expansive convention centers, luxurious hotels and world class museums, Boston’s Seaport District might be the city’s most exciting new neighborhood yet. So it made perfect sense that the president of Red Sox Nation chose to open a second location of his namesake sports bar here.

Situated along Northern Avenue in the heart of the Seaport District, Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill Seaport offers gorgeous views of the Boston waterfront and a 32 foot wide video wall (reportedly costing $1 million) so you don’t miss a game. With all that money and time spent on the the decor, did Jerry have any dough left to find chefs who could cook chicken wings? Let’s take a look.

Keeping it simple, Remy’s offers only two wing choices: Buffalo or BBQ flavor. We opted for the Buffalo wings, and they came served with carrots and celery and both blue cheese and Ranch dressing for dipping.

Flavor:  The wings were generously slathered in a traditional Buffalo sauce that gave your taste buds a kick in the pants while not overpowering the taste of the meat. The wings were juicy and tender, and we thought the sauce was quite representative of what good Buffalo wings should taste like.

Size/Texture:  Although the wings were deep fried, we  noticed that they had a bit of a soggy texture. While we’re fine with wings that aren’t crispy, we could tell that these were intended to be served as such and had since softened by the time they made their way into our mouths. While it didn’t take away from the flavor, the texture of the wings was definitely compromised.

Value: We visited Remy’s during OpSail Boston 2012 and because of the influx of tourists to the area, the restaurant was running a special event menu. In restaurant speak that means the menu was more limited and markedly more expensive than a normal night. Our 10 chicken wings cost $12, while the same order would cost you $11 any other time of the year.

Overall: Remy’s offers a unique location along the water, impressive service, and cleanliness that really did stand out, and we had no problem shelling out a few extra clams for the experience. We loved the flavor and how tender the wings were, but we found it hard to ignore their soggy texture.

Score: 7/10



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