Theodores’ Booze Blues & BBQ (Springfield)

After asking for some good dinner recommendations in the Springfield area, we settled on Theodores’ Booze Blues & BBQ. Theodores’ is known for having some of the best BBQ in the area as well as great blues music on the weekends. Though our main objective was to experience the typical BBQ here, we decided to also put the wings to the test as our appetizer. There was a wide variety of flavors to choose from: buffalo, bourbon BBQ, blackened, jerk, carolina mustard, chipotle BBQ, dry rub, & teriyaki BBQ. We were in a BBQ mood and went with the bourbon BBQ.

Flavor: All of the wings on the menu are slow smoked in tradtional hickory wood and as the wings came out, you could definitely tell from the strong smoky aroma. These wings had a great BBQ flavor that tended to be more smoky than a typical sweet. This was definitely a unique experience as most of the wings we review are deep fried as opposed to slow cooked.

Size/Texture: The wings ranged from small to average sized wings. Due to the slow cook, most of the wings were very tender and came off the bone pretty easily. However, what we found was that some of the smaller wings suffered from being overcooked and were sometimes dry.

Value: For $7.99, you can get 10 wings. The one thing that hinders the value of the wings is the size of some of the wings. Otherwise, this is not a bad deal, considering the extra effort that was put into them. Overall, Theodores’ provides very good and friendly service.

Overall: We would say that although the wings were solid, it is certainly not the restaurant’s strong suit (try the pulled pork or brisket). Though, if you are looking for some smoky deliciousness for your wings, come to Theodores’ and enjoy some blues while you’re there as well.

Final Score: 7/10

– CT


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