Champions Sports Bar (Springfield)

Oh Springfield, how we have missed you… In today’s review, we will go into our first restaurant chain, Champions Sports Bar, which is the sports bar owned by Marriott Hotels. From the appearance of the restaurant, it is definitely one of the better sports bars in Springfield. There were a lot of TVs in sight and this would be a great place to watch a big game. So naturally being that it was a typical sports bar, wings would be the solid way to go. On the menu, Champions provides two types of wings: Fire and BBQ wings. We decided to go with the “Singing” (medium) fire wings for review purposes. On a “side” note (get it?), the wings came with a butt load of celery and carrot sticks for those of you that are into that healthy stuff!

Flavor: It’s understood that these are only advertised on the menu as “Fire Wings,” but from the flavor, it could be assumed that they were buffalo wings. However, from the initial looks of them, they seemed to have lacked sauce. After consulting with the waiter and being told that the wings were pretty spicy, we played it safe and went with medium. The buffalo flavor on the wings was not bad and had a nice kick to them, but was nowhere near where what we had expected in terms of spiciness.

Size/Texture: The wings were small to medium sized and moist for the most part. However, this is where we must discuss the important issue of wing discrimination. As our wings were brought out, our faces dropped in disappointment as the whole plate only consisted of drummettes.

For those of you who are not educated in wing anatomy, the two main sections of the wing are the drummette and the wingette (see diagram on left). Now, there has always been debate over which section is better, but one thing is for sure: an order of wings is not complete without both sections. So restaurants be warned!

Value: At $8.95 per dozen, this is a price you would expect at a hotel owned restaurant. On a positive note, the service was very good.

Overall: Not having both wing sections hindered the wing eating experience. Not to mention, it was obvious that the wings came from a bag of frozen Tyson chicken wings (or similar) you would find at your local wholesale club. Despite these criticisms, the wings had decent flavor and were appropriately cooked. However, we recommend going with the other items on the menu.

Final Score: 4/10

– CT


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