Hurricane O’Reilly’s (West End)

Located just steps away from The Garden on Canal St., Hurricane O’Reilly’s is a large sports bar that offers huge TV screens, loud music, and plenty of beer to eager Boston sports fans who flock to the area during game nights.

We stopped in one night to drink our faces off and sample the chicken wings during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. We showed up to the game, but the Celtics didn’t, so we ordered a massive amount of chicken wings to help with the pain. Were the wings good enough to make us forget the loss?

Hurricane O’Reilly’s offers several different flavors of wings which include Buffalo, Buffalo bleu, hot & sweet, Asian sesame, and BBQ. Without much hesitation, we quickly went to town on both the BBQ and Asian sesame flavors. Each order came served with celery and carrot sticks, while only the BBQ came with Ranch dressing for dipping.

Flavor: Our wings came fried to a crispy golden color, with a thick coating of sauce crammed into each crevice. The Asian sesame wings magically blended sweet and savory flavor elements into a blissful ecstasy, while the BBQ wings tasted smoky, tangy, and sugary, leaving my taste buds wanting more.

Size/Texture: The wings were decently sized with some of the leg pieces being downright enormous. Most if not all of them were cooked perfectly, moist in the middle, crispy on the outside.

Value: There are two different size options available, a standard order for $7 or a jumbo size for $12. The jumbo size is truly gigantic, and unless you’re eating for three, stick with the standard order. Just make sure you specify which size you want when placing your order.

Overall: These wings had it all, flavor, value, texture, the works. If you’re on Canal St. and find yourself looking for a chicken wing feast, march yourself into Hurricane O’Reilly’s.

Final Score: 9/10



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