Wing-itz (Portsmouth, NH)

Driving back from a day trip to Maine, we decided to stop somewhere for tasty treat and luckily came across something that caught our eye. One word: Wing-itz. If you get a chance to head up to the seacoast town of Portsmouth with a wing craving, try out this local “Wing Butchery”. They use fresh, never frozen wings that are hormone and preservative-free. Bringing along a party of six, we decided to order 20 wings and 20 boneless pieces of chicken (don’t call them wings) with flavors ranging from medium buffalo, sesame oriental, honey mustard BBQ, and sweet Thai chili.

Flavor: Wing-itz has one of the largest selection of sauces around, but for review purposes, we will stick with the medium buffalo and sesame oriental. The buffalo sauce is homemade and delicious. We only ventured out into level 2 of 5 in terms of degree of hotness. However, there was still a good buffalo kick to it. For the sesame oriental, we found there to be a good level of sweetness and stickiness. Overall, very good for what you would expect in the flavor.

Size/Texture: These wings range for medium sized to fairly large. Most of the wings were cooked just right and maintained a moist texture. The wings were fried and therefore, had a nice crispy exterior which were complimented well by the tasty sauces.

Value: The price for 20 was $19.99. At about a buck a wing, it’s not the greatest deal you’re going to find, but for what you’re paying for, you won’t mind.

Overall: Wing-itz is a very solid joint that is dedicated to the wing. Their fresh chicken and variety of flavors will help fulfill any wing fantasies you desire. Overall, we would recommend trying this place out.

Final Score: 8.5/10

– CT


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