The Farm Bar and Grille (Essex)

For three summers now, The Farm Bar and Grille in Essex has been bringing Cape Ann fresh comfort food with a barbeque twist. With a large outdoor patio and a backyard equipped with a volleyball net, horseshoes, other games, summer dining has never been more fun. But can this purveyor of lazy summer afternoons produce wings worth driving to?

The Farm offers all natural, hormone free chicken wings with ah-s0, sweet chili, BBQ, and honey mustard rounding out the four flavor options. We ordered the BBQ and honey mustard wings, which came served six to an order in a shallow bowl bereft of celery, carrots, or dressing for dipping.

Flavor: The wings are fried and and are liberally drenched in the sauce of your choice. We thought the chicken quality was good, with much of the meat being tender and juicy. The honey mustard sauce had a nice balance of mustard and honey without being too sweet,  and the bbq sauce had a nice tang and spice to it without being too thick or sticky.

Size/Looks: The wings were ideally sized, many being quite plump and appealing to look at. They weren’t too big as to dry out in the cooking process, but also not too small as to leave you feeling unsatisfied.

Value: At $6 for six wings, the value could be better. We agreed that the size of the wings were decent, and the service was good, but at $1 per wing, we felt that was a bit expensive. We’ll have to come back Thursday nights when wings are offered at 35 cents each.

Overall: We liked these wings, as the flavor and quality was quite decent. While 35 cent wing night on Thursdays are great, we’d like to see the menu price be a bit lower during the rest of the week. Also, the lack of the typical wing accompaniments of celery, carrot sticks, and blue cheese dressing was a bit mystifying, as it made the plate look unfinished.

Final Score: 7.5/10




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