Tavern at the End of the World (Charlestown)

Our second review brings us to Tavern at the End of the World on Cambridge St. in Charlestown. Truth be told, we were just looking for a place to play Stump trivia on a Sunday night, but we thought we’d get a wing review in too.  Of the two wing choices on the menu, plain or Buffalo, we ordered the Buffalo. The name “plain” just sounds so unappealing. Our Buffalo wings came served with two carrot sticks a side of bleu cheese dressing for dipping.

Flavor: For the most part, they were falling off the bone tender, almost like they were slow cooked. However, a few seemed to be a bit more dry than the rest. A spicy Buffalo sauce was liberally drizzled over them after cooking. 

Size: Medium in size, not too small, but large enough to ensure a proper grip on the way to your mouth.

Looks: Definitely looked homemade, and were not the uniformly shaped wings you might find at chain restaurants. This is a good thing.

Value: $9  for 10 wings. Factoring in the atmosphere, the service, and the clientele, they could have been cheaper. The friendly owner was slinging drinks behind the bar and also serving food. He was doing the best he could, but there should have been two or three of him. Had the service been quicker, the $9 would have been easier to stomach.

Overall: The wings were decently flavorful and had a spicy kick to them, but we have no compelling reason to rush back to eat them again.

Final Score: 6/10



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