Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill (Woburn)

The first wings to grace the virgin lips of our blog are the Ozzy’s Wings from the Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill in Woburn, MA. These wings are deep fried and then smothered in a tangy sauce. Served with a side of ranch dressing and carrot and celery spears.

Flavor: We liked that these wings had a decent kick to them, while still being sticky and sweet. The flavor of the wing itself was never overpowered by the spice, and they were moist and juicy.

Size: Medium in size, not too small, but large enough to ensure a proper grip on the way to your mouth.

Looks: That’s a damn good looking wing. Perfectly proportional, nearly sensual.

Value: $10.95 for 10 wings. Steep. We agreed at $7.95, these wings would be a great value. Bump it up to $10.95 and we’re running for an ATM. Watch out for special deals during sporting events, where Ozzy’s Wings are offered for 50 cents each, and Monday nights where wings are 25 cents each.

UPDATE: According to Scoreboard, the reason the wings may be priced a bit higher than some other establishments is because they only purchase fresh, never frozen wings. They feel this provides much better flavor, and we’d agree, the flavor is there.

Overall: We really loved the great flavor of the wings and the sweet, tangy sauce. But we felt that Ozzy’s Wings weren’t a great value, hindering a higher score.

Final Score: 8/10



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