Month: May 2012

Vermont Pub & Brewery (Burlington, VT)

We hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day (with a tasty plate of wings possibly?). Our next review comes to you from way up north in Burlington, VT at the Vermont Pub & Brewery. For those who have been up in Burlington, this popular place has been around for ages and is known for its famous brews. But forget the beer, we were there to try the wings! On the menu, this pub offers a wide variety of typical pub food with only one type of bone-in wing, which is the “Ragin’ Cajun Wings.” These wings are tossed in a bayou buffalo sauce and served with a side of carrots and blue cheese for dip.

Flavor: As you can see in the photo, the wings are covered in a sauce that is very buttery and less viscous than your typical buffalo sauce. That being said, I was a fan. Since there was only one flavor to the wings, I would say that the medium heat was appropriate and suitable for most buffalo wing lovers. Although I did not really taste where the Cajun spice came in, the extra butter created for a tasty sauce.

Size/Texture: Unlike most of our reviews, these wings did not seem to be have that fried texture to them, which is not necessarily a bad thing. As for the chicken itself, the wings were moist and were well complimented by the sauce. The wings did not have great size, but left me satisfied after each wing.

Value: The going rate for these wings is $6.99 for a pound of wings, which came out to be approximately 8 medium sized wings. This isn’t a bargain, but it doesn’t break the bank either. For me, it was worth the price I paid. Not to mention, the service at this place was decent as well.

Overall: These wings are very saucy, buttery, delicious, and not too pricey. For those who love buffalo wings, I would recommend trying these out the next time you’re in the Burlington area.

Final Score: 7.5/10

– CT


Joe Sent Me (Waltham)

I don’t know who Joe is, but he sent me to his restaurant in search of delicious wings and to play Stump trivia. We found trivia, but did we find delicious chicken wings?

The four different wing options at Joe Sent Me on Main St. in Waltham are BBQ, Teriyaki, Buffalo, and the hot and spicy Diablo.  Went with the BBQ flavor at the suggestion of the perky waitress, and they came served with a side of  carrots and celery and blue cheese dressing.

Flavor: The wings are fried and smothered in a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce that had hints of smoke and vinegar in it. For the most part, they were moist and tender, however we had one or two wings that were a bit more dry than we’d like. Overall, the wings were flavorful and the sauce was lip smackin’ delicious.

Size/Looks: For the most part, all the wings were uniform in size save for one or two smaller ones, which turned out to be more dry than the others. The wings were very appealing to look at, as the sticky, dark BBQ glaze shown like candy in the dim light.

Value: At $7.95 for 10,  and $14.95 for a belly-busting 25, these wings are an excellent value. The service was also quite good, as we always had full beers and a clean table.

Overall: These wings represented a good value, flavored with a nice, tangy BBQ sauce. While above average, they were not out of this world and could have been more consistently moist than they were.

Final Score: 7/10



JT’s Sports Pub (Springfield)

Today we come to you with a double feature special. Recently on a business trip, my colleague and I wandered into downtown Springfield looking to find a decent spot to catch the Celtics game. Now those of you who are familiar with the area know of this barren wasteland. After scouring the streets, we were finally able to locate an establishment open for business called JT’s Sports Pub on Main St. We were pleasantly surprised to find an affordable and diverse wing selection and decided on the Oriental and Cajun BBQ favored wings that came served with the typical side of bleu cheese and celery.

Flavor: Leading off were the Oriental wings. For a typical Asian-style wing, one would expect a sweet sauce with a dash of spicy. However, these wings actually had a very decent kick to them, which if you love spice (as I do) will thoroughly enjoy. As for the Cajun BBQ, I felt as though it was your typical slightly sweet BBQ sauce which was enjoyable but didn’t really stand out. In terms of texture, there were times when I ran into dry wings which I guess is better than undercooked wings.

Size/Looks: The wings were on the small to average end which could explain why a couple of the wings were dry. Other than that, the wings looked appealing and were decently presented, so I have no real complaints about it.

Value: At $6.99 for 10 wings, this is a good value. The great thing about JT’s is their awesome Happy Hour deal where all appetizers (including wings) are 1/2 off between 4 PM – 7 PM M-F! On the service end of things, there weren’t many customers when we came in, so the service was very good as well.

Overall: For an area where you will find at least half the stores were closed down, we found a solid sports bar. The wings were very flavorful, but were slightly small and sometimes dry. Still, with the value ranging from good to great, I wouldn’t mind grabbing wings here from time to time.

Final Score: 6/10

– CT

Tavern at the End of the World (Charlestown)

Our second review brings us to Tavern at the End of the World on Cambridge St. in Charlestown. Truth be told, we were just looking for a place to play Stump trivia on a Sunday night, but we thought we’d get a wing review in too.  Of the two wing choices on the menu, plain or Buffalo, we ordered the Buffalo. The name “plain” just sounds so unappealing. Our Buffalo wings came served with two carrot sticks a side of bleu cheese dressing for dipping.

Flavor: For the most part, they were falling off the bone tender, almost like they were slow cooked. However, a few seemed to be a bit more dry than the rest. A spicy Buffalo sauce was liberally drizzled over them after cooking. 

Size: Medium in size, not too small, but large enough to ensure a proper grip on the way to your mouth.

Looks: Definitely looked homemade, and were not the uniformly shaped wings you might find at chain restaurants. This is a good thing.

Value: $9  for 10 wings. Factoring in the atmosphere, the service, and the clientele, they could have been cheaper. The friendly owner was slinging drinks behind the bar and also serving food. He was doing the best he could, but there should have been two or three of him. Had the service been quicker, the $9 would have been easier to stomach.

Overall: The wings were decently flavorful and had a spicy kick to them, but we have no compelling reason to rush back to eat them again.

Final Score: 6/10


Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill (Woburn)

The first wings to grace the virgin lips of our blog are the Ozzy’s Wings from the Scoreboard Sports Bar & Grill in Woburn, MA. These wings are deep fried and then smothered in a tangy sauce. Served with a side of ranch dressing and carrot and celery spears.

Flavor: We liked that these wings had a decent kick to them, while still being sticky and sweet. The flavor of the wing itself was never overpowered by the spice, and they were moist and juicy.

Size: Medium in size, not too small, but large enough to ensure a proper grip on the way to your mouth.

Looks: That’s a damn good looking wing. Perfectly proportional, nearly sensual.

Value: $10.95 for 10 wings. Steep. We agreed at $7.95, these wings would be a great value. Bump it up to $10.95 and we’re running for an ATM. Watch out for special deals during sporting events, where Ozzy’s Wings are offered for 50 cents each, and Monday nights where wings are 25 cents each.

UPDATE: According to Scoreboard, the reason the wings may be priced a bit higher than some other establishments is because they only purchase fresh, never frozen wings. They feel this provides much better flavor, and we’d agree, the flavor is there.

Overall: We really loved the great flavor of the wings and the sweet, tangy sauce. But we felt that Ozzy’s Wings weren’t a great value, hindering a higher score.

Final Score: 8/10